The Academy Staff

Conrad Torres
B.S. M.B.A. Conrad has degrees in Criminal Justice and Business Administration. His goal is to recruit top notch candidates for the Academy courses, and put forth the best work ready individuals.
Aracely Fernandez
Academy Clerk
Aracely is pursuing a degree in Communication with a minor in Marketing at the UNLV. She says “It’s been a great experience to see the Academy students gain the knowledge and skills needed to become successful in their field.”

The Academy Instructors

David McCarthy
David enjoys working at the Academy because he gets to interact with a variety of people and potentially make a difference in their lives. Raising German Shepherds has been a passion of his since the early 90’s.
Franklin D. R. Davis
CDL Instructor
Franklin received his BS in Education from Ashwood International University through the United States Army. He has over 30 years’ experience as a Truck Driver and Classroom Instructor. In 2018 he obtained his Third-Party Test Examiner License by the State of Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles. Currently, Franklin is studying for his Master’s Degree in Theology from Andersonville University Seminary. In this spare time, he loves to read American History and staying fit.