Automotive Technology

The world of automotive technology is no longer a "grease monkey" job.

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The Academy is pleased to announce that we have added special orientations for our future Automotive Technician Students! 

Come meet us the 2nd Tuesday of each month @ 2pm to learn about and enroll in the next class. Admissions staff and our Instructors will be available to answer any questions, give a short review of their classes and help you apply for Scholarships!

The next Orientation will be held on February 13th, we look forward to seeing you!

Program Includes

16 weeks of instruction


     Classroom instruction


     Hands-on at Findlay Dealerships



Everything you need is ALSO included!

  • Textbook
  • Toolbox
  • Full Snap-on tool set
  • Work Boots
  • Three work uniforms
  • Automotive Services Excellence (ASE)                                       exams
  • Background check
  • Initial testing fees
  • Drug screening
  • OSHA 10 Certification
  • American Heart Association CPR

2024 to 2025 Class Schedule

Class Start: 10/16/2023

Class End: 02/02/2024

Class Start: 02/12/2024

Class End: 06/07/2024

Graduation: TBD

Class Start: 06/10/2024

Class End: 10/04/2024

Graduation: TBD

Class Start: 10/07/2024

Class End: 1/24/2025

Graduation: TBD


This introductory course will give students a basic understanding of the automobile, how it is designed and proper maintenance. The student will be introduced to the operating systems in the automobile. The course will cover automotive repair, maintenance, electronic principles and diagnostic procedures as well as scientific principles, applications of safety and the correct use of tools.


The course goal is to develop career and educational opportunities in automotive and related areas, enabling the student to pass and obtain the Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) credentials for future employment.


The course was jointly designed by the Findlay Automotive Group and the Standards of Excellence Academy. The educational format includes 3 days a week of instructor led classroom education coupled with 2 days a week of hands on education and experience in the Findlay Automotive Dealerships.

Training Highlights

  • Identify and Utilize Safety Procedures and Proper Tools
  • Perform Basic Vehicle Service
  • Apply Concepts of Engine Repair (A1)
  • Analyze Automatic Transmission/Transaxle for Service (A2)
  • Analyze Manual Drivetrain and Axles for Service (A3)

Be Focused. Be Determined.

Tuition Options

(Scholarships may be available.)

All at once - up-front payment

- $7,600 payable before class begins

Monthly Payments - payment plan over 1 year

- $7,600 payable over 1 year **

**A down payment of $500 is required for our payment plan.

4 Steps to a New You with a New Career!!!

Admission Process & Details 

  • 1 - Complete an Application for Admission

    Click here to complete your application online. If you cannot submit it online you can come see us at 1931 Stella Lake Street, Las Vegas 89106 to fill out and submit a copy.

  • 2 - Complete our Basic Proficiency Testing (CASAS)

    Candidates for admission will be tested using the Comprehensive Adult Standard Assessment Systems (CASAS) test.

    This includes testing of your reading and math levels, digital literacy and keyboarding skill.

    These tests are to confirm that you have the aptitude and ability to achieve success in the Automotive Technology field.

    The minimum required scores to qualify for the Automotive Technology class are: 246 for reading, 235 for math, a digital literacy of 85% and keyboarding at 15-30 words per minute.

    The testing will take place at the Standards of Excellence Academy (the Academy) at 1931 Stella Lake Street, Las Vegas, NV.

    Should your test results fall beneath these minimum scores, you may be offered free tutoring in whatever area is indicated. After that tutoring, you can retest to establish that you meet the minimum requirements.

  • 3- Come and meet with Us!

    After completing the CASAS testing we will need to meet with you at our school to complete all paperwork, get any additional info we might need, and go through tuition details. Our Admissions Coordinator will set up a time and let you know.

  • 4 - Get Admitted

    You are now ready to be Admitted!!!!!

Tyler Corder -
CFO Findlay Automotive Group -
Inaugural Speaker
Tyler Corder - CFO Findlay Automotive Group - Inaugural Speaker
Inaugural Automotive Technology Class - Instructors - Speaker
Inaugural Automotive Technology Class - Instructors - Speaker
Automotive Technology Training Program Kickoff