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The Standards of Excellence Academy (the Academy) makes advanced learning opportunities accessible to more southern Nevadans by providing training and certification programs. The Academy offers students a gateway to career advancement in jobs and occupations that are in demand.


The Standards of Excellence Academy is a Nevada 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, established in 2014 by Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Janet Blumen. The organization, also known as the Academy, provides vocational education leading to industry recognized credentials. The Academy is accredited by the Nevada Commission on Post-Secondary Education as well as the Nevada State Board of Nursing.


Foundation for an Independent Tomorrow (FIT)  was founded in August of 1997 to respond to a local need: while at the time there were many jobs available in our community and unemployment was not re-markedly high, too many of the jobs either were not full time or did not pay enough for a parent to support their children on their own salary and without public assistance. We thought that the financial stability of having self-sufficient employment was very important. We looked around the community for an organization that strived to help people establish this self-sufficiency and we found none, thus FIT was founded. Our mission was then as it is now: to empower people, through education, case management and support, into positions that paid enough to support their family and make them independent and financially stable.

In 2014, we realized that there were simply not enough accredited vocational schools teaching curriculum leading to industry recognized credentials that would arm somebody for the first rung of a career ladder. Thus, was born the Standards of Excellence Academy (the Academy), a wholly owned non-profit subsidiary of FIT. The Academy is accredited by the Nevada Commission on Post-Secondary Education and the Nevada State Board of Nursing. Its curriculum is varied but all leads to industry recognized credentials to place Academy graduates on the first rung of a career ladder.

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Founder Message – Janet Frasier Blumen

Being properly educated for the job has always been a requirement to be able to get, and keep, a good job.  Just exactly what that required education consists of, however, has changed over the years.  At one time it was enough if a new employee simply showed up for the first day of work ready and willing to learn the job.  Through this sort of on-the-job apprenticeships, employers taught their employees firsthand how to do the job.

That may have worked when jobs were simpler, equipment not nearly so technological or advanced, and skills more readily transferable.  In todays increasingly technological world, those on-the-job apprenticeships, without more education behind them, are more and more rare and disappearing.

Today’s employer almost universally requires that a potential employee have some sort of qualifying credential.  It is not enough simply to go to a trade school.  The job applicant needs to be able to demonstrate that they actually learned the skills taught by passing a certification test.  Not only that: the certification tests required by most employers are not simply a final that follows the conclusion of a class.  They are the industry recognized certifications that are offered through organizations such as the Manufacturing Skills Council, the Nevada State Board of Nursing and the IVES Training Group.

That is exactly the education that someone entering the Academy can look forward to.  All of our classes lead to industry recognized credentials.  Each of these establishes the extent of learning the student has achieved through completion of their Standards of Excellence Academy courses.

We welcome you to the Academy and hope that you chose to join us and take the next step on the path to a career ladder that can lead you to meaningful employment that you can enjoy throughout your professional career.


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Janet Frasier Blumen, Founder & CEO
Crystal Garland, Executive Assistant